Why use Ideal Tech engineering services

  1. Complete capability from art to part in product design, moldflow analysis, finite element analysis, engineering services, problem solving in tooling and molding, project management, and management consulting.
  2. Practical experience of tool making and building, various metal production processes or plastics molding processes through our past work experience as well as higher educational background of Masters/Phd in the field.
  3. We offer not only the best value for all our engineering services, but also collaborate with molders, tool makers, manufacturers on many of our product design and full project management programs.
  4. We work very closely with our customers offering them variety of options that are specifically tailored to meet customer requirements. Our short term or long term contract or project based pricing simplifies all your engineering services needs and reduces additional administrative work or project management issues. We are your supplier and partner.
  5. Experience of all industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, consumers, defense, electronics, energy that provides us an opportunity to offer innovative solutions and ideas by cross blending technologies of various industries.
  6. Our full engineering services and alliances with many of our customers increases mutual co-operation and offers successful implementation of project management of larger multi-component assemblies, modules.
  7. Complete comprehensive review of design, tooling, and molding for any issues or recommendations is added value and part of our any engineering service project.
  8. Complete support or consulting for manufacturing problem solving, plant layout, quality documentation, mold or molding documentations/standardization, and management consulting.
  9. Complete project management, data storage, database management, software customization and development.
  10. Lastly, most of our customer base is generated because of existing customers references and recommendations of our services.

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