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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Structural Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Linear Analysis
Non Linear Analysis
Fluid Dynamics
Heat Transfer Analysis
Modal Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Crash Analysis
Impact Analysis

Ideal Tech engineering analysis team is ready to check your design project for functional requirements to different product testing. Our analysis services range from linear to non-linear analysis covering wide range of services. Our FEA experts are ready to take your challenge of linear or non-linear analysis, impact or crash testing, to complex electronics CFD or thermal analysis. Our ability to connect process simulation results from moldflow analysis to the non-linear analysis can be very useful for many advanced and fiber filled plastics materials to get better results for your product testing requirements.
A simple load case or multiple load cases, our efforts go not only analyzing structural analysis but also on how to improve it using the right materials, optimizing the part thickness or weight, improving tooling and manufacturing methods. Analysis results give you valuable information and insights but improving your product value is the true reward you get with our CAE and FEA services. Whether it is automotive, aerospace, consumers, medical, electronics, defense, energy, or other industries, we have done many projects in various fields.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration refers to mechanical oscillations about an equilibrium point. Vibration is occasionally “desirable” (tuning fork, harmonica, or the cone of a loudspeaker). Many times, vibration is undesirable, creating unwanted sound or wasting energy (vibration of engines, electric motors). Such vibrations can be caused by many reasons such as imbalances in the rotating parts, uneven friction. Careful designs usually minimize unwanted vibrations. Let us evaluate various vibration modes and your design.

Thermal or Heat Transfer Analysis

Whether your application is an electronics hard drive, multi-component compact space assembly, or LED light enclosures, if you are concerned about packaging, heat transfer or operating temperatures, we will be able to help design the whole assembly, packaging of components, analyze complex issues and improve your products. We can perform CFD coupled thermal analysis for various applications and provide valuable insight on flow dynamics as well as temperature effects.

CFD Analysis

Product Testing

Sometimes product testing is necessary to compare to FEA results and validate the design. We work with many different labs for product testing and co-ordinate all your projects from design, FEA, tooling, and bringing it to manufacturing level.

Moldflow to FEA

Many plastics parts especially fiber filled materials have a significant effect on performance of the product depending on gating, processing, or flow direction of the plastics. Finite element analysis cannot capture the full effects of processing without the data from the moldflow analysis. Our capability to link moldflow analysis results to finite element analysis is certainly very useful for many critical applications where product performance and functional testing is seriously affected by the choices made in tooling and processing of the parts. Why over design a part or fail the application in the field if you can properly estimate the functionality of assembly or parts through moldflow analysis simulation and finite element analysis linking.