Moldflow Analysis, Mold Filling Analysis, Mold Cooling Analysis, Part Warpage Analysis

Automotive Industry - Engineering Services of Ideal Tech, Inc.


From concept to production, interior to exterior - Ideal tech's unparalleled technical and engineering expertise will put you in the driver's seat offering -

  • Robust design and innovative solutions
  • Moldflow and FEA services
  • Molding problem solving
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Aerospace - Ideal Tech Engineering Services

Our expertise in high performance composites, long fiber applications, and innovative solutions can help you take off.

  • Finite element analysis                      
  • Moldflow / metal process analysis
  • Part and process consolidation

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Why build any tools before you get virtual parts from our innovative designs, moldflow / metal process simulation, and finite element analysis.

  • New devices and applications
  • Art to part – virtual and rapid prototypes.
  • New material selection

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Consumer Industry - Ideal Tech Engineering ServicesConsumer 
We can take your concept design or idea, turn them in real products through our "LEADER" Listen, Evaluate, Aspire, Design, Engineer, Render.

  • Concept art to finish parts
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Project Management- tooling and molding

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Electronics Industry - Ideal Tech Engineering ServicesElectronics
Let us validate your electronic packaging and components for proper thermal and functional requirements and increase your ROI.

  • Thin wall, Insert molding, Overmolding moldflow analysis
  • FEA and thermal analysis
  • Microchip and Underfill Encapsulation

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Energy Industry - Idea Tech Engineering ServicesEnergy
While you are focused to save energy costs for your customers, let us save you on product design, new product development, tooling, and production.

  • Solar panels
  • Wind Turbines
  • Fuel Cells/Battery applications

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Defense Industry - Ideal Tech Engineering ServicesDefense
From ground to aerospace, Ideal tech's unparalleled technical and engineering expertise will lead your mission critical projects.
• Component design
• FEA, Testing, end-use prototypes
• Tier 1-Tier2 support and services

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Industrial - Ideal Tech Engineering ServicesIndustrial
Our expertise in CAD, CAM, CAE can be applied for many of your equipment, plant layouts, and plant machinery.
• Product design and development
• FEA, physical testing and end-use prototypes
• PE certification

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New Technologies - Innovative Ideal Tech Engineering ServicesNew Technologies
Expertise of over 5000 parts in design, tooling, FEA, moldflow, and manufacturing comes in handy to create newer processes, applications, and products.
• Metal to plastics or vice versa
• Nano polymer applications
• New processes and simulation

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