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Molding Issues

Injection Molding Problem Solving Experts

If you have any molding problems or issues listed below, we are ready to help you through our consulting service or flow analysis services. Have you ran out of all your efforts to adjust process and tooling to eliminate these issues? Let us review your concerns and see how we can help you to eliminate your molding problems and as well as reduce your production costs and waste. We are always there for you to prevent such problems.

Gate Locations – best gate locations, unbalanced fill, jetting, poor location, size problems

Air Trap- poor venting, shorts, burning, unfilled area

Weld Lines or Meld lines problems

Short Shots

Venting Problems – burns, short shots, unfilled ribs

Multi-cavity Tools issues – uneven filling, unfilled cavities, flash, quality issues.


Flow Marks

Sink Marks or Sink Depth Estimates

Warpage Issues

Shrinkage Problems

Uneven Clamping

Hot Spots

Core Deflection Problems

Breaking of Slides/cores/moving parts

Stress marks

Exceeds Clamping Tonnage or high tonnage requirements

Flash issues



Ejection marks

Ejection problems

Thick – Thin parts issues

Hesitation effects

Kentucky Warpage






Fish Eye Problems

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