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Mold packing is critical step of molding of any plastics parts. Generally 90-98% of part volume is filled in boost stages which is similar to filling analysis in injection molding simulation, however pack and hold stage in practical is the most critical for proper packing, finish, cooling, cycle time, part weight, and warpage behavior of the part. Just performing filling analysis is not enough and must be coupled with packing analysis to get simular results as you would mold plastics parts in the production. Ideal Tech moldflow analysis include mold filling and packing analysis for every project. Many sources will provide you with a quick fill analysis and gate locations without complete packing analysis. It is inaccurate way of simulating injection molding and can actually hinder you from predicting many molding issues.

Have you experienced clamp tonnage problems, overpacking, underpacking, flashing, aesthetic issues, flow lines, jetting, or warpage issues although parts can be filled and gating does not seem to be a problem? Well then you may like to call Ideal Tech engineering service to review your options. Filling analysis of the following sample will show that you can fill this part with any gating location but does it solve the problem? In fact, wrong gating selection can lead to molding issues of simple parts even though you can fill those parts. You may not realize you are unnecessarily paying for packing issues, higher cycle time, aesthetic issues, intermittent production issues. You need practical expertise and experience of molding as well as advanced Ideal Tech engineering simulation to handle such issues upfront and avoid paying higher costs later on.

Let us apply daily practical experience for your molding operations and tie it up with the latest technology to continually improve the process and quality.