Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs

Mission, Vision, Core Values


  • To provide the complete value-added engineering services and make a difference by integrating expertise, talent, experience, innovation, and technologies.
  • To be the global LEADER in providing world class engineering and manufacturing solutions from art to part.
Core Values
  • Our six step“LEADER” (Listen, Evaluate, Aspire, Design, Engineer, Render) approach is successfully implemented based on these core values.
  • Listen: We listen to customer’s concerns, problems, requirements, all project details, overall effect on production, assembly, and profitability. We listen and understand all project requirements before we move to any further steps.
  • Evaluate: We then proceed to evaluate needs, requirements, current parameters, restrictions, and objectives to set the overall goals for any project.
  • Aspire: Once we set the goals for your project, we aspire to meet those objectives, innovate solutions, and exceed expectations.
  • Design: Our aspiration to meet your objectives and exceed expecations lead to mutliple solutions and innovative optoins to design your products. We show you benefits, options, advanatage/disadvantages of all options.
  • Engineer: Engineering of any project is the real key to success in meeting all requirements of structure, tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and marketing. Engineering is our strength and see how to make it integral part of your success.
  • Render: After first five steps, we can manange any rapid prototyping, project management of tooling/final molding, packaging, PPAP, physical  testing, custom application development or manufacturing solutions etc. for your products.
  • Commitment – We are fully committed to our customer’s success whether it be a simple small engineering project or full art to part project.
  • Integrity – Demonstrate respect and trust in our daily behavior and actions with our customers and employees.
  • Reliability – Delivere what we promise when we promise.
  • Innovation -We thrive on creative ideas and solutions to enhance products and services.
Quality Policy
  • To continuously exceed customer expectations with utmost quality services in all phases of our business products, services, and deliverables.
  • Continuous Improvement Program – We have developed an unique feedback program for all our customers which allows us to verify all our engineering analysis for accuracy, final performance, and quality. This also provides us to be with our cusotmers through complete process of design, development, tooling, molding, and production. We request our customer to provide all feedback in return we provide certain rebate for future projects. This continuouls loop of give and take allows us to be highly accurate and valueable to our customers.

Key Factors

  • One stop for all your design, FEA, Moldflow analysis / manufacturing simulation, rapid prototyping, and engineering needs from concept to finish parts.
  • Innovative Solutions to improve design, tooling, manufacturing, consolidate multiple parts into one and reduce costs.
  • Get Virtual Parts – Design products/assembly, analyze and verifystructural, functional, requirements, simulate manufacturing processes, see photo-realistic images with possible part or process defects, redesign and reanalyze, optimize your design, tooling, process, and production, and get virtual parts right on your desktop before you ever release any data for tooling.
  • Blend best practices from other industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, energy, consumers to defense industries for your products using our expertise that have experience of over 5000 projects from diverse areas.
  • Improve your return on investment (ROI) with our team through improved design, better tooling, and reduced production costs. Increased savings in design, tooling, production, and reduced engineering changes

    Why use Ideal Tech Engineering Services –

  • Complete capability from art to part in product design, moldflow analysis, finite element analysis, engineering services, problem solving in tooling and molding, project management, and management consulting.
  • Practical experience of tool making and building, various metal production processes or plastics molding processes through our past work experience as well as higher educational background of Masters/Phd in the field.
  • We offer not only the best value for all our engineering services, but also collaborate with molders, tool makers, manufacturers on many of our product design and full project management programs.
  • Our short term or long term contract or project based pricing simplifies all your engineering services needs and reduces additional administrative work or project management issues. We are your supplier and partner.
  • Experience of all industries from automotive, aerospace, medical, consumers, defense, electronics, energy that provides us an opportunity to offer innovative solutions and ideas by cross blending technologies of various industries.
  • Our full engineering services and alliances with many of our customers increases mutual co-operation and offers successful implementation of project management of larger multi-component assemblies, modules.
  • Reduce your project engineering personnel responsiblility by integrating our services with your team and see it allows you to focus on your core business.
  • Complete comprehensive review of design, tooling, and molding for any issues or recommendations is added value and part of our any engineering service project.
  • Complete support or consulting for manufacturing problem solving, plant layout, quality documentation, mold or molding documentations/standardization, and management consulting.
  • Complete project management, data storage, database management, software customization and development.
  • Lastly, most of our customer base is generated because of existing customers references and recommendations of our services.