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Many of our customers have been with us for many years and keep referring our names to many others in the industry. A significant percentage of business is due to referrals from our customer and we welcome your comments, feedback, and referrals. We have a referral credit program as well as we provide feedback rebate for your  projects. We strive for continuous improvement and your feedback on any of engineering projects in the form of parts, tryouts, production quality, assemblies, prototypes, or actual observations help us improve our services and in return for your feedback, you get a % rebate for your future projects. Our continuous improvement program is driven to make every customer 100% satisfied.

We have long list of customers that includes fortune 500, Tier1, Tier2, Tier3, Material suppliers, Molders, Tool makers, and OEMs. We also have many of customers comments and feedback. Please call us for any details or discuss your project.

“Your mold filling and warpage analysis of valve cover has helped us to optimize toolng and processing upfront. We are getting parts that are dimensionally acceptable and optimized for processing. Thank you for your engineering services.” 

“Your product design team has done excellent job converting our renderings to realistic parts and assembly. We are now getting all those parts molded and making a complete assemlby. Thank you.”

“I am glad to find your moldflow and warpage analysis services. Affter various trials and errors to resolve warpage issues of back plate, your recommendations on product design changes and gating changes worked well for us. Thank you.”

“After your structual analysis indicated the stress regions and optimized thickness in the region, we have no failure in the container and is able to take the required load. We really appreciate your services.”