Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs


Many of our existing customers in electronics industry requested us to support more on product development of embedded technologies, we are expanding our services from engineering simulation, CFD, thermal analysis of electronics products to full product development and engineering services. In order to take care of additional work and additional talent needed, we have formed a joint venture with SPJ Embedded Technologies Pvt Ltd India company. Combined together, we are now able to offer complete services for electronics industry. 


  • Data logger with IoT capability with Digital and Analog I/O.
  • IoT solution using WiFi  or GSM or 4G
  • Active RF Tag and receiver. This is our own product, which can support proprietary RF / Bluetooth implementation. We can customize this to suit the user requirement. We can customize the hardware and the firmware.
  • Wireless solution for available sensors
  • Etc. 

Any, many or all of the “product development life cycle” activities:

  • Components selection and electronic hardware design
  • Schematic drafting
  • PCB layout design
  • Prototype making (support through hole, SMD and BGA packages)
  • Software / Firmware development (C, C++)
  • System integration and testing
  • Manufacturing

Let us validate your electronic packaging and components for proper thermal and functional requirements, high cost multi-cavity tooling and increase your return on investment (ROI).

We continue to offer thin wall analysis, insert molding, overmolding analysis,
FEA, thermal analysis
microchip and underfill encapsulation

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