Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs

Past Projects

Past Examples

From front to rear, top to bottom, inside to outside, as long as you have a need for design, engineering, FEA, moldflow, or other consulting/problem solving issues, think about Ideal Tech engineering services to help you.

Design a center light bracket

Solve structural testing failure issue

Evaluate center console assembly for various loading conditions

Perform mold flow analysis of entire head light assembly plastics components

Resolve warpage issues of support brackets

Design battery support and holder components

Perform fill, cool, shrink, warpage and fiber analysis of intake manifolds

Onsite consulting to solve molding issues

Consulting service to improve molding operations

We have completed over 5000 different projects from various industries including automotive, aerospace, consumers, industrial, electronics, medical, defense, etc. Discuss your project with us and find out if have done something similar to your work. Ofcourse, we are always excited to do any new work and provide our valued added engineering services.