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Example of Packing Analysis

Any plastic part that is filled must undergo through a packing phase to avoid surface finish issues, flow lines, back filling, short shots, shrinkage problems etc. Many other service providers will provide you with only filling stage results and you then find out either machine tonnage was not enough or you have other processing issues. Just like plastic part molding, you must undergo through filling, packing, cooling, ejection and complete cycle to make parts, a simple answer on gate location or part filling simulation may not enough to realize all benefits of process simulation techniques. Sometimes even flow balancing and runner balancing supplied by any cheap sources only works on simulation and not in real life molding. Then do not question analysis but review your supplier options otherwise you not only pay for CAE services but also for engineering changes.

mold packing analysis

Although both parts can be filled, there is a severe flow imbalance which results in uneven packing. Sometimes even a slight imbalance can have significant effect on multi cavity tool performance. Note (figure below) how injection pressures differ from one cavity to other and start to over pack one cavity and continue to fill other increasing overall cycle time and other processing issues.

A detailed analysis with qualified expertise can only identify real practical problems and can give you the most benefits and real value of doing computer aided simulation or you could be just wasting your money. Many other sources will balance this flow imbalance only for you to find out that it is still imbalanced and runner balancing did not work to your satisfaction. You are then frustrated with cost of CAE, engineering changes, poor quality. It takes expertise to understand the consequences and real life molding issues and not just using some software.

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