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Example of Warpage Analysis

Ever increasing pressures of innovative materials, product designs, and continuous integration of components in one product, it becomes real challenging task to meet dimensional and quality requirements without adding any additional costs to the bottom line. Although science of warpage analysis prediction needs to be improved, it provides a most efficient way of prediction of problems and paves the way of preventive measures at early stages. Experience and expertise can really make the difference in such innovative design, tooling, and process measures to prevent or minimize the warpage problems.

warpage analysis
How do you reduce the warpage by almost 50-70% to make these parts dimensionally acceptable? Ideal Tech has done it without adding any significant costs to the tool and prevented major engineering change costs or remaking of another tool. Fiber analysis, shrinkage analysis, gas assist analysis, Reaction injection molding analysis (RIM analysis), overmolding analysis, two shot molding analysis, mucell analysis, etc are many other types of analysis that can be performed.

Use Ideal Tech Engineering services to eliminate problems before they occur and save cost and timing to increase your profits and quality. Whether it is a small part like connectors or big parts like Instrument panels, we take care of many molding problems before they occur.