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Why Mold Flow

Why choose Ideal Tech Moldflow Analysis Services

  • Every part is modeled accurately from your product design, tooling inserts, tooling material, cooling layout, molding process set up, machine details, gate details, runners to material selection and right selection of various different modeling techniques.
  • Complete upfront expert review of project for product design, tooling details, processing set up, plastics materials, machines, gating options, product functional requirements, various saftety/regulatory requirements, weld line/structural concerns, stress issues, warpage concerns, and shrinkage issues.
  • Experience of over 5000 parts for design, tooling, and processing is unique and compare to other sources where expertise are limited to run the software and provide results without qualified hands on experience and educational expertise.
  • Professional report that includes all animations, dynamic rotations, all different results with specific comments/issues marked in details, optimal solution and expert recommendations to improve design, processing, runners, tooling, overall cycle time, complete reference set up, detailed iterations/options, comparison of results, all molding issues, and warpage concerns in one simple PowerPoint show presentation and walks you through simple click of mouse and full web presentation.
  • Complete output of results with MFR file if you need it or output of warped part data to compare or use it for built in warpage in tooling.
  • Continuous Improvement Program – Tryout follow up and complete comparison of analysis results for filling, cooling, and warpage if you provide us with your tryout results, reference parts, mold set up data, and warpage measurements. These observations are used to continually improve our accuracy and problem solving technique.
  • Special customer feedback rebate program to all customers who actively provide their feedback. Save costs on future projects with your feedback and improve accuracy and confidence in our services.
  • Creative business partnership approach for new products and new technologies.
  • Benefits of our analysis services – Plantwide improvements in your molding operations through improved part design/tooling/process, reduced engineering time, elimination of several tryouts, improved part quality, reduction in cycle time, balanced filling and pressure distribution, balanced runners and gates, reduction in clamp tonnage, elimination of flash, reduce or eliminate sink or flow mark issues, elimination of weld line/vent/burn issues, reduced scrap, dimensional stability, improved cooling, and much more.
  • Use moldflow / metal process simulation for all your parts and receive these long term companywide key benefits –  tremendous cost savings in entire design, tooling, and production, robust engineering design approach in your product development cycle, access to the latest technology and qualified expertise without any additional capital investments, overall improved products at reduced cost and timing, improved manufacturing operations and reduced quality issues, maximize your ROI and be ready to compete globally with best quality parts at reduced costs.  Ideal Tech is the only right source as it exceeds the requirement of top ten reasons to do moldflow analysis.

Top 10 reasons of why you should do moldflow / process simulation of Injection molding –

  • No trial and error method – completely proven scientific engineering answers from art to part.
  • Upfront decision making on plastics product design, material selection, right molding process selection (injection molding, insert, overmolding, gas assist, injection-compression, mucell, two shots), full optimization of tooling, and completely simulated manufacturing process.
  • Complete optimization of product design  various material selection issues, right thickness, thick/thin issue, rib structure, structural concerns, weld line controls, residual or structural stress issues, product functional requirements, sink or appearance, gating locations, filling concerns, clamp tonnage or molding questions, and answers to many what if or will this work questions without any tooling/molding.
  • Complete optimization of Injection Molds and Tooling – Select right gate locations, runner/manifold balancing and sizing, cavity layout, which injection mold material to use, prototype or production tooling, inserts or thermal pins or waterlines, optimization cooling layout, hot spot issues, oil heating or water cooling, complete engineering calculation of pressure or force for moving sliders, lifters, and core pulls, overall tooling stress/life cycle analysis, complete structural or thermal analysis for tool life, core pull or core deflection issues, clamp force or structural tooling issues, reasons of tool failure, post molding /tooling issues, and optimization of your mold design.
  • Complete Injection Molding optimization – optimal gate location, balanced filling and packing, reduce or complete eliminate  molding issues of short shots, air trap, weld lines, jetting, flow lines/marks, gate blemish, shear heat, fiber breakage, surface finish, burns, flash, clamp tonnage, part weight, venting, over packing or under packing, race tracking, hesitation, part failures, functional or testing issues, quality issues, multi-cavity issues, overall process control or cycle time, right machine size, high pressure, dimensional stability, warpage issues, shrinkage issues, fiber orientation, material issues, flow leaders,  etc.
  • Try different materials or different designs without building prototype parts or tools. Get virtual parts with simulation.
  • Optimize your plastics parts for exact machine specification, cycle time, cooling, DOE, improve molding set ups, reduce clamp tonnage without taking your production time or putting any tools on molding machines- improve your bottom line profit.
  • Optimize your overall cycle time. 10-30% reduction in cycle time on one part may as well pay for complete flow analysis of many molded parts.
  • Make plastics product design optimization, design for manufacturability, robust engineering in product development cycle, and reduced engineering changes part of your upfront engineering and compete globally with advanced engineering that is unmatched…..
  • Select the right source with expertise with practical experience in simulation, design, tooling, and molding (not experts in just running analysis or only does moldflow simulation for your project) otherwise you would be paying for analysis costs as well as for all tooling and molding issues and not realize any savings from all of these above benefits of upfront process simulation.
  • While analysis costs may vary from few hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the project.  Sometimes CEO/executive management end up paying millions of dollars to outside consulting firms to find savings in operations but end up with cost cutting without improvements in operations. If you can eliminate your daily problems through a simple upfront investment in your product development, that provides most savings in cost and timing of product design, tooling, processing, assembly, and functional requirements, you will never waste your resources on temporary solutions or downstream engineering changes, operation issues, production problems, and overall quality issues.  On the other hand, if you use any source that offers simply cheap pricing, then you may be adding more costs to your existing operations and dig a deeper hole. It is as much important to select the right sources that is willing to work with you on every project and has the right expertise. Mold flow certification is just one examination but does not require educational or professional experience background and is largely limited to understanding how to run the software. There are many sources who know how to run software but there are only few qualified experts like Ideal Tech, Inc. to help you the right way. It is very important to check overall experience, expertise, as well full capability for the long run partnership to receive all benefits.
Why perform analysis on the parts that do not need gating analysis

There are many simple parts that may not need any gate location analysis and can be molded based on past history or known gate locations.  Yes, you will be able to mold these parts, but you may also miss an opportunity to possibly make an improvement in product design, saving runners scrap, material costs or processing savings. Since plastic materials are still evolving and newer materials offer many ways to save costs and improve design, part quality, and different options of radical design changes can combine multiple parts or applications into one tool. If you have not looked at any of your older typical parts/applications, it is time to do it now. Sometimes, you may not be able to locate the exact gate location to have a completely balanced fill all around the part and cavities.  These slight imbalances of 5-10% can be enough to for longer cycle time, cooling, packing issues, scrap rates, surface quality, gate or flow lines, surface finish, processing window, clamp tonnage.  You may be able to save 2-30 % in cooling time/cycle time with design/material modifications. In today’s competitive market, this may be enough to lose on the next project to overseas suppliers.  Remember upfront review and analysis cost is one time item, but savings and improvements last over the product life cycle. When you perform analysis from an expert source like Ideal Tech, Inc., you not only will be able to avoid such issues but also improve your products and save costs.

  • Shrinkage Analysis
  • Fiber Orientation Analysis
  • Transient cooling Analysis
  • Core Deflection Analysis
  • DOE or Molding Window
  • Die Cast Simulation
  • Sheet Metal Process
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Overmolding
  • Insert Molding
  • Gas assist Molding
  • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
  • Co-injection
  • Blow Molding and Thermoforming
  • Molding Issues
  • Consulting and Problem Solving

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