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Art to Part Complete Engineering Services

Whether you have just a concept or sketches or control points, we are ready to take on your projects from any stage of design and provide you with one of the leading innovative design solutions for concept design, full modeling, surfacing, solids, part design, assembly design, part prints, or complete engineering optimization of your design through FEA, moldflow analysis, process simulation, and our expert engineering. Our services will enhance your product designs, optimize the design for latest material trends and changes, reduce part weight, improve overall functional performance, and design for manufacturabitlity all in one stop with Ideal Tech Engineering services.
Our expertise in metals and plastics, various tooling methods, different manufacturing processes, and complete assembly/production environment expertise would allow you to choose the right design, build tool properly, and run smooth manufacturing that reduces any assembly/production concerns while improving value of your products that would save you money in design, tooling, manufacturing, overall production costs, and lower overall timing of your project.

While we can provide complete design services, any design options or variations are as good as pictures without some verification of strctural analysis or functional analysis. While many times, the experience and history of product application may guide on design and develipment, many contstraints such as newer/higher performance materials, reduced weight, thin/thick parts, higher performance, combinaton of multple parts in one part, improved product value, switching from metals to plastics, and lower overall costs are all factors that ultimately affect the final design of your products and ultimately performance in field applications. FEA techniques can allow you check every step of your design for different materials, design options, structural testing, vibration testing, actual field applciaton event simulation, and complex analysis from linear to non-linear to process simulatons such as tooling, manufacturing, plastics processes such as injection molding (mold filling analysis), blow molding, thermoforming, die casting, metal stamping, sheet metal, forging (metal process simulation) etc. Our expert engineering professional that are highly skilled and educated can identify any potential failure or manufacturing issues before you approve your design for tooling, Avoid any pitfalls and optimize your product design for structure, function, weight, saftey, warranty, government regulations, and final performance by using our FEA services.
Linear structural analysis
Non-linear structual analysis,
Modal / Vibration Analysis,
CFD analysis,
Heat Transfer / Thermal Analysis,
Weight Optimization,
Mechanical Event Simulation,
Plastics Process Simulation (such as moldfilling analysis, moldflow analysis, blow molding simulation, thermoforming simulation, injection molding simulation)
Metal Process Simulation (Die cast, sheet metal, forging etc.)
We can take your design project to the next important step of manufacturing process simulation so that every part is designed for manufacturability. With our latest 3D modeling techniques and Autodesk’s moldflow simulaton full package, we can evaluate all injection molding simulations in mold filling analysis, moldflow analysis, packing analysis, mold cooling analysis, part warpage analysis, fiber analysis, shrinkage analysis, and more. These advanced simulation techniques can help you reduce / eliminate all your manufacturing concerns and optimize the design for tooling, manufacturing and overall better performance. We can reduce your part weight, suggest the best plastics material for your application, verfity any gating options and suggest the best gating, reduce or eliminate or relocate weld lines at proper locations, avoid any air traps, identify thick/thin part concerns and flow concerns, reduce overall clamping requirements, balance all your runners and gates for best performance, optimize mulit-cavity tooling layout, reduce unbalance pressure distribution or flash issues, reduce overall cooling time and cycle time, avoid any short shots, eliminate the need for trial and error methods, get the part right first time in your tryout, and more. The list of these benefits is so long that you would never go wrong if you perform mold flow analysis of any injection molded parts and you will always save money in design, tooling, and manufacturing. Most importantly, you get to see your parts in simulated environment before you initiate any tooling and control all your problems before you release any design for next steps of rapid prototyping or production tooling. Pay just few hundreds to few thousands upfront, but save mutiple thousands of dollars over the life of products.
Mold filling analysis, moldflow analysis, mold flow analysis, Injection molding simulation.
Mold packing analysis,
Part warpage analysis,
Fiber orientation analysis,
Mold cooling analysis,
Shrinkage Analsis,
Gas assist Analysis,
Core deflection analysis,
Reaction Injection molding,
Injection Compression analysis,
Overmolding of two different materials,
Insert Molding,
Microchip encapsulation,
Metal Process simulation (die cast or sheet metal) and more.

We have completed many projects from design, FEA, moldflow analysis to complete engineering of tooling and molding. Many of customers getting first hand experience with many projects provided us with their trust in managing many projects from design, analysis, tooling to molding. We are located in Metro Detroit area (Troy, MI) where there are many OEM and automotive companies. Many suppliers are located far away and it becomes a touch task to manage customers, vendors, and overseas suppliers, as well constant engineering changes. Limitations of resources, expertise, and time contstraints sometimes can jeopardise success of any project if you do not outsource some of these services. It is increasingly becoming harder to find skilled workers. It is also difficult to manage overseas suppliers or manufacturing locations for every components when you are responsible for the major assembly. Having worked with many tool suppliers, molding sources, overseas suppliers in China, India, Mexico, Canada, Ideal Tech is geared up to manage complete projects from design, rapid prototyping, tooling, and molding. We use all our engineering expertise at each stage of design, prototyping, tooling, and molding. We can manage all tool design, fixture designs, PPAP prepartion, quality testing, FEA testing, design testing using your current sources or we will find and manage all right sources for you. You can also select from our individual services in design, FEA, moldflow, process simulation, consulting, rapid prototyping etc.

Sometimes despite your efforts to optimize design, tooling, and production processes, you may stll have some lingering problems on certain plastics or metal parts. It is not always easy to resolve these problems without qualified engineering expertise. Ideal Tech has managed over 5000 different projects at all different phases from design, rapid prototyping, FEA, moldflow analysis simulation, problem solving etc. This kind of experience is easier to use than simply keep trying trial and errors or go through many engineering changes. Certain problems in manufacturing are easier to link to any one particular issue and can take long time to evaluate root cause analysis. With our experience with various materials, manufacturing processes, nd thousands of different applications, we are able to help you solve these problems faster. Discuss your current issues, concerns and send us history of your work. We will be able to tell you exactly what services you may need, how long it would take to solve problem and overall costs. Sometimes we are able to resolve these problems using our advanced engineering tools and techniques right in our office or sometimes we may have to do onsite consulting and problem solving.
Many of our customers simply let us handle all their rapid protyping needs. Having worked with many companies with all their engineering needs, many of our customers asked us to provide rapid prototypes of various designs. This allows us to provide you not only design optons, but also with some functional parts for you feel, touch, visulize, and test. Whether your need is for a single part or whole assembly, we will help you select the right material, right rapid prototyping process, and get your parts in matter of hours or days. We are just a phone call away.
SLA / Stereolithography
3D Printing
Silicone or Epoxy Molds
Machined Parts
Aluminum Tooling

Custom Application Development

If you have special application development project, new process development, new custom simulation software development, new material research, database managment, or any engineering project that does not fit in the above categories, please contact us and we will take the lead for you to be at the forefront of new technology.