Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs

Consulting / Problem Solving

Ideal Tech (IT) offers project management services to take care of all your engineering needs from art to part. We can manage your designs, tool builds, molding projects along with any other engineering services that we offer. We can also handle your meetings or represent you at many OEM sites locally or around the world on your behalf. We can help you find the right source or work with your suppliers. These services can be customized to suit your needs.
    • Product Failure
    • Design Issues
    • Tooling Issues
    • Molding Issues
    • Production Issues / Improvements
    • Plant Layout and Operations
    • New Energy Solutions
    • Assembly Issues
    • Part Quality Issues
    • Training, Seminars, Webinars

    Consult us for your manufacturing problem solving, improve plant operations, improve plant layout for better efficiency, improve cycle time for higher production, reduce your manufacturing costs, process parts in the smallest clamping tonnage, new energy savings methods, cost analysis, and management consulting.