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Mold Filling Analysis - Moldflow Analysis

Filling Analysis simulates how plastics will fill in the mold under given product design, material, machine, mold, gating, and processing conditions. Filling analysis is the first step of any injection molding simulation and does not include packing, cooling, and warpage analysis and is generally required to perform any further analysis of any injection molding simulation. You should note that while it is the first step, it is probably the most important analysis as it can help identify many processing issues such as air trap, hesitation, weld lines, flow balance, racetracking, packing issues, some indication of cooling and warpage issues. Filling analysis can also help identify many other daily molding issues of shear stress, gating blemishes, flow marks, jetting, shear heat, venting, clamp tonnage, pressure imbalance, cavity pressure, cavity imbalance, and more. Ideal Tech has performed over 5000 different analysis of plastics parts and is the leader for these services. Mold packing analysis is the next step of analysis and is needed to complete the steps of filling of parts. Without packing analysis, mold filling is actually incomplete because packing stage is important for proper completion of filling of plastics parts, packing of the cavity regions, clamp tonnage, and in general complete behavior of plastics during cooling and post molding dimensional issues. Ideal Tech engineering always perform filling and packing analysis of all moldflow projects. Fill and Pack analysis are together termed as “flow analysis” in Autodesk Moldflow analysis simulation.
Air Trap
Weld/Meld lines
Gate Selection
Gate Sizing
Weld Lines
Flow balance

Why do moldflow analysis

Why do moldflow analysis of all parts
Why Ideal Tech moldflow analysis

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Following are different analysis that can be performed for injection molded plastics parts and Ideal Tech can perform all these services for you.
  • Shrinkage Analysis                      Fiber Orientation Analysis              Gate, Runner, Manifold Balancing and Sizing.
  • Transient Cooling Analysis            Core Deflection Analysis                DOE or Molding Window
  • Overmolding                              Insert Molding                            Gas assist Molding
  • Co-Injection Molding                    Mucell Analysis                           Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
  • Thermoset Molding                      Rubber Molding                          Microchip Encapsulation
  • Molding Problem Solving               Thick Part Molding                       Thin Part Molding
  • Plastics Part Design                     Consulting                                  Tooling design verification or optimization
  • Molding Tryout Supoort

Moldflow analysis can help you solve many of these problems

  • Complete optimization of your product design – thickness, thick/thin section, material selection, structural issues, weld line/flow control, fiber orientation controls, models for full FEA analysis of molded parts, answers to many engineering changes, virtual parts without tooling and molding, verifiy different ribing, flow leaders, minimize gating, produce parts with least cost of tooling, lower machine tonnage, lower molding costs, and reduce overall product development costs.
  • Complete Optimization of your Injection molds and mold design – full support for gating selection and optimized for size, type, location, layout, design etc, complete runner layout, runner balancing, full manifold layout, design, dimensions, pressure drop, heating control, and full details of shear heat, stress on flow, complete cooling layout optimization for hot spots, layout design, water line sizes, thermal pins, check different types of inserts, insert materials, different types of water control, coolant type verification, cooling cycle temperature control, flow, turburlent flow, balance, overall tower/water manifold control effects, solutions to existing cooling issues or tooling issues, overall clamping force calculation and optimization, vent locations, force calculations for your moving slides, lifters, core pulls, effects of unbalnced flow on tooling, stress calculations due to filling effects, tool life, tool stress failure, overall tooling design review of support bars, moving actions, ejection based on full understanding of effects of molding on the tool design and tool life.
  • Full Optimization of Injection Molding and processing set up – See complete list of molding isssues that can be resolved through moldflow analysis, just to name few gas traps, weld lines, flow marks, flow lines, gate blemishes, jetting, hot spots, burns, cold spots, under packing, over packing, short shots, temperature issues, filling issues, warpage issues, shrinkage issues, fiber orientation, strctural failure due to molding, material issues etc., complete reference molding tryout set up, full control over molding process and overall reduction in molding costs through optimized cooling time and cycle time can give you thousands of dollars in savings with just one analysis.
  • Overall Cost reduction and Full control of your design, tooling, and molding operations if you make our moldflow services as integral parts of your business. With our complete engineering and LEADER approach, you may be able to reduce many of your project engineering responsibility and requirements with our bundled package of mulitiple projects, short or long term contracts, inclusion of project engineering in any engineering analysis, fixed costs options, cost and profit sharing approaches. Just be open to discuss all your needs and see how we can be your partner for complete engineering for improving your current operations without affecting your current structure or people.
  • Engineering analysis done right always reduces overall costs and does not waste money on engineering changes.
  • Last but most important of all is that many customers are not willing to use or rely on engineering analysis to make such decisions and always think of costs ahead of benefits, but it is a misconception that in depth analysis takes extra time or adds too much to the overall costs. It is simply a matter of closely working with Ideal Tech Moldflow expert and provide all details of your of concerns, provide any parts history, if any preliminary mold designs, any cooling layouts, type of molds and mold materials, and all information you may need from moldflow analysis for your tooling, molding, and anything more. Ideal Tech engineering can actually reduce your overall costs with these analysis services.