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Moldflow Analysis

The various terms for injection molding part simulation are used such as moldflow analysis, mold flow analysis or Mold Filling Analysis. In general, when generic term moldflow analysis is used, you need to explain if you talking about filling analysis, packing, analysis, cooling analysis, warpage analysis, shrinkage analysis, fiber analysis etc. That is why it is better to use specific term of the analysis. Some times flow analysis term is also used which include both filling and packing stages. Please see more information listed under mold filling analysis, mold packing analysis, mold cooling analysis, warpage analysis, shrinkage or optimization analysis for further details. 

Why do moldflow analysis

Why do moldflow analysis of all parts
Why Ideal Tech moldflow analysis

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Following are different analysis that can be performed for injection molded plastics parts and Ideal Tech can perform all these services for you.
  • Shrinkage Analysis                      Fiber Orientation Analysis              Gate, Runner, Manifold Balancing and Sizing.
  • Transient Cooling Analysis            Core Deflection Analysis                DOE or Molding Window
  • Overmolding                              Insert Molding                            Gas assist Molding
  • Co-Injection Molding                    Mucell Analysis                           Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
  • Thermoset Molding                      Rubber Molding                          Microchip Encapsulation
  • Molding Problem Solving               Thick Part Molding                       Thin Part Molding
  • Plastics Part Design                     Consulting                                  Tooling design verification or optimization
  • Molding Tryout Supoort

Moldflow analysis can help you solve many of these problems

  • Complete optimization of your product design.
  • Complete Optimization of your Injection molds and mold design
  • Full Optimization of Injection Molding and processing set up
  • Avoid problems of design, tooling, processing and assembly before you cut any steel or mold any parts.
  • Avoid many common molding issues and get the right part in the first mold tryout.
  • Engineering analysis done right always reduces overall costs.
  • Make sure your analysis is performed by the experts who has degree in plastics, one who has practical experience of design, tooling and molding. Do not just go by certification as certification does not ensure that the analyst can solve your problems or prevent your molding problems. 
Only Ideal Tech has expertise of years of experience, educational background, hands on practical expertise to understand all aspects of product design, engineering, FEA, processes, tooling, molding and production to blend it in each and every project to provide you with the best value proposition.