Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs

Product Design

Ideal Tech design team is ready to lead your design project from concept design. If you have a new concept or new product or existing design, we can help you in initial sketches, renderings, finish product design and development work. Our experience with diverse industries, strong technical knowledge and background working with real world examples will provide you with the benefits of getting the latest technology and best practices from different industries for your products and services. Robust engineering design, widespread use of FEA and process simulation techniques and upfront design for manufacturability is embedded in our daily project work process to ensure added savings in tooling and process as well as avoid any pitfalls later in the manufacturing or field applications.
Allow us to sit with you and understand your concept. We listen to you and evaluate your needs and requirements. Every member of our team then aspires your concepts for realistic renderings and sketches. We use in house expertise or professional artists to provide you with innovative designs, approaches, and sketches.
We use various CAD packages such as SolidWorks, Autodesk, CATIA, Pro-E, and others to finish the design that we started or inherited. Our designers and engineers always work side by side on every project. Our ability to use FEA or process simulation to optimize all products for design, tooling, and manufacturing is a key to improve every design. This allows us to get virtual parts and verify all your requirements before design is finalized. We implement design for manufacturability and integrate robust engineering in our design process. We can optimize all designs before they are ever released for tooling. Many sources can design parts and assemblies, but only few design the Ideal way.

3D surfacing

We can finish your design or initiate any work at any stage of your design project. Sometimes our engineering services in FEA or moldflow or sheet metal simulation can result in specific changes to your design and we can finish those for you to incorporate exact changes to your products. Our ability to see process defects such sink marks through process simulation in realistic
renderings allows us to avoid these issues or use creative designs to appear as product feature design. Our experience with plastics/metal parts and understanding of materials can come handy to improve your products and services.
If you want convert your older 2D formats data to latest 3D formats, we can certainly help you. With latest advances in technology, the process of conversion has been easier and allows you store your information in the most recent design formats.
The physical object or parts can be measured using 3D scanning technologies like
CMM, laser scanners, structured light digitizers, or Industrial CT Scanning (computed tomography). The measured data alone usually represented as a point cloud, lacks topological information and we can model that into a more usable format such as a triangular-faced mesh,surfaces, or a CAD model.

Dimension and part prints

We can help you finish your part prints and drawings to proper dimensioning and GDT requirements.

Data Conversion

If you are limited to certain CAD software packages and unable to read any files or need to convert to other formats, we can help you converting those files to proper format.