Product Design, Moldflow Analysis, FEA, Plastics, Embedded Technologies, IoTs

Electronics Design

        Ideal Tech has been performing many services such as thermal analysis, CFD analysis, micro-chip encapsulation, and finite element analysis for electronics industry.  Now, we have extended services in embedded technologies and IoTs. Our joint venture with SPJ Embedded Technologies Pvt Ltd (India) would expand our services and talents to meet all your latest technological needs.  We now offer complete new product development services in any embedded technologies such as software, hardware, integration of both, RFID, Data loggers and controls. We offer customized embedded technology solutions for collection of data/control for older machines and equipment to extend their capabilities to IoT interface.

       Embedded Technologies :
             Software Design and Development
             Hardware Design and Development
             System Integration
       IoTs – Any new product/process application
       Data logger and Controls

Our approach is well defined regardless a complete or partial solution is needed at any stage of your project-

a.   We study the environment. Understand the equipment/machine/process working and
need for embedded / IoT solution.

b.   We derive the specification or the requirement document to address to the problem

c.   Select the appropriate controller keeping in mind the functionality requirement

d.   Design the required system.

e.   Complete the PCB layout and design

f.    Manufacture the prototype PCB

g.   Design the test modules for testing the PCB

h.   Design and develop the firmware as per the solution need

i.     Integrate the full solutio